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Kerala Tour Packages for Tourists from Madurai

Although the richness of the beautiful state of Kerala is on par with that of Tamil Nadu, the experience that you are going to attain from here is absolutely ethereal and unique. Say, for example, when visiting the temple towns of Guruvayur in Thrissur and Parassinikadavu in Kannur, you can behold closely at the nuanced differences at its architectural style. The lush green covers of nature wherever you are up to, in your travel to Kerala is worth gratifying. Likewise, the neighbouring states are distinctive for various other reasons. Such experiences of witnessing them with your own naked eyes, rather than reading about them or watching on any screen cannot deliver you the very essence of travelling up to that real destination. In that case, without keeping aside space for a second thought, pack your bags and set out for your trip to astonishing Kerala. Moreover, when compared with the usual weather conditions of Madurai, the climate of Kerala is pleasing and less hot during its summer. Therefore, wander to Kerala from Madurai to witness the ‘Malayali’ version of all that can be seen and experienced here in this ‘Enchanting Tamil Nadu.’

How to Reach Kerala From Madurai

By Air:

Kerala can be reached from Madurai within 7 hours and 32 minutes of travel after covering an aerial distance of 205 km. However there are no direct flights Madurai to Kerala, on their flying, they would be either halting at Chennai or Bangalore. Also, travelling by air would be the fastest mode of transport when compared with rail and road.

By Road:

Travelling to Kerala from Madurai would take approximately 6 hours 35 minutes by road with a distance of 297km. Usually, a sizeable number of tourists do opt for the road trip between these places, as the paths of NH44 and NH83 are very favourable to drive. Besides that, there are numerous public transport buses plying from these places.

By Train:

Sparing time duration of 12 hours, you could reach Kerala from Madurai after covering a distance of 509 km. Several trains connecting run through these locations on a daily basis. Moreover, travelling by train could be the cheapest mode of transport.

Best Time To Visit

When compared with all other tourists’ seasons, the best time is considered in between November and February. Travellers from all across the world will be thronging to Kerala during these peak seasons. If the heavy crowd is bothering you, try visiting during the monsoon when the tourist rush is much lower to experience the drizzling side of Kerala.

Tips for Travellers

  • Never ever book a two-day tour package when visiting the hill stations such as Wayanad, as the major tourist spots in the district are located at a faraway distance unlike a metropolitan city like Kochi. So book those packages that would comprise of more days.
  • If Fort Kochi is included in your itinerary, you will be advised to stay back at any of the hotels near the Cochin International Airport at night. It is due to the prolonged time taken to reach your final destination.
  • Avoid halting at the common tourist destinations like Kanyakumari, once you are heading to Thiruvanathapuram from Madurai. So you will be saving an extra day that can be spent eventfully in either Kovalam or Varkala.
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