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Kerala Tour Packages for Tourists from Mumbai

The everyday chores of the busy city life in Mumbai would be affecting your creative space and mental peacefulness. In those hard times, merely head up to the God's Own Country of Kerala on any times of the year. There are enough golden beaches, mystic hills, dense forests, vast tea plantations and serene backwaters to soothe you. These nature's wonders can be chosen according to your tastes. Apart from the alluring tourist destinations of the state, once you had savoured the traditional Kerala delicacies on your visits, unique flavours of these spicy dishes would beckon back your tummies. Moreover, when visiting the state of Kerala during the festival seasons, you could witness various glorious processions that you had never experienced before while you were at Mumbai. Even the people of Kerala are warm and welcoming. They are as diverse as the population of the whole country with communities belonging to different cultures. Furthermore, Kerala was not ready to compromise in its technological advancements though they are equally traditional. Almost all the tourist places in the state are well connected. So, why waiting for more?? Pack your bags and head to this splendid state of Kerala.

How to Reach Kerala From Mumbai

By Air:

Once you have decided that you are visiting the diverse state of Kerala this coming vacation, board on to the very next direct flights flying from Mumbai to Kerala. Barely sparing 2 hours of your time, you will be arriving at your destination without any barriers after covering the distance of 1290km. Just outside the International Airports in the state, you may hire any cab services and reach your destination at your comfort.

By Road:

Concerning the longer distance, no direct bus services are running between Mumbai and Kerala. If you are more into road trips, you may drive from your destination via Goa, Hampi, Mysore, Wayanad and finally to Kochi. However, travelling by road is an expensive option that at times can be exhaustive. This could make you tired and difficult to further tour in Kerala.

By Train:

If you haven't spared such a huge money for your dream trip to Kerala, just catch a direct train to Kerala via the Konkan Railway. Trains are way much cheaper than those of flights. This would also provide you with numerous panoramic sights across the hills. The entire journey from Mumbai would take around 20 hours. However, this may vary according to the route chosen by you.

Best Time To Visit

Being located close to the equator in the south-western tip of India, the typical climate of Kerala is tropical. When compared with the climate of Mumbai, major parts of Kerala can be felt hotter. Therefore, the best time to visit Kerala is from October to February. During these months, the advent of rain will also be rare.

Tips for Travellers

  • For those who had planned to travel by train may opt for the trains starting from Mumbai rather than a long-distance train, as they would be more comfortable for travelling.
  • When flying from Mumbai to Kerala, choose to arrive at Cochin International Airport for a more economical option.
  • Schedule your trip accordingly that you are crossing the borders in the early morning if you are taking a road trip to Kerala. The morning sights would prove to be blissful then.
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